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The Pilot: Bill's Steakhouse and The White Eagle (Feb. 7, 2018)

The pilot episode of the PDX History by the Glass series with  @nathanpgale  is complete. Last night's stops included Bill's Steakhouse in Parkrose and 113yr old White Eagle in the industrial Moda Center area.  From a creative standpoint, we have no idea what we're going to do with this tour of the area's most venerable and aged watering holes, but visit them all we shall.  #HistoryByTheGlass Some notes...  Bill's Steakhouse Established: 1940s as a hot dog joint operating out of an old street car Our First Drink: Hamm's tallboys Intriguing Menu Item: liver and onions More Intriguing Menu Item: Friendly tamale guy in the parking lot Actual Food Eaten : steak dinners (NPG quote..."I've shined shoes more tender than this steak" Men's Room Ranking: 1/5 urinal pucks (shitty, dirty, and sadly forgettable) Our first bar was a reminder that not every stop on this magical tour will be full of nostalgia... Some of these places ju