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Episode 12: Back in the Saddle | Jubitz Ponderosa Lounge and Nite Hawk Lounge (May 5, 2019)

Damn near five months after our last official episode in the field -- that is a night when we visit actual bars, drink at them, consider them, and return to the South Beaverton HBTG podcast studio to blather about them -- we are BACK.  On May 5, 2019, we celebrated the fledgling Mexican army's victory over imperial French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1892 in the only way we know travelling to the deepest northern frontier of Portland to soak in some country western flavor at venerable Jubitz Truck Stop's formerly venerable and now completely remodeled Ponderosa Lounge. (Yeah, we're weird like that.) We capped it off with a pop-in at former oil n' lube place turned underrated diner and underwhelming bar/pool hall Nite Hawk Cafe & Lounge.  Tune in to hear our ramblings on cowboy hat style, sports loyalties on the dance floor, ice bucket beers, the future of old bar billiards, and's all in our latest episode of History by the

One Year of the Glass (part 4 of 4)

To celebrate a year of intentional visitation and intoxication at Portland's most historic bars, we thought we would knock our a 4-part pod series recapping the 16 bars we visited before taking our talents to the podosphere. The plan was to do four easy pod casts in February and dive back into our field work in March. The throbbing wooden glory of The Lighthouse bar interior.  Whelp...3 months later, we're proud to say that the anniversary series is complete. What we lack in organization and structure, we've tried to make up for in pure enthusiasm that borders on delirium. Year one of History by the Glass has been more than we ever thought it could be and the anniversary recaps were a retrospective blast. Enjoy our fastest, but most podcast as we jump in our hops n' barley fueled time machine and rewind our fall trips to The Lighthouse, Skyline Tavern, Lariat Lounge, and Rumpus Room. Crack one open with us and hide your chickens!