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One Year of the Glass (part 3 of 4)

You know how in the '80s they used to have those infamous "Very Special Episodes" of your favorite sitcom (Webster, Family Ties, or, the grandest of 'em all, the Diff'rent Strokes VSE)? Well, that's a bit what this podcast is. In this, the third of our four-part anniversary rewind (that's taken us almost an additional year to produce), we reflected on our therapeutic visit to SE Portland's Steinhaus roughly 12 hours after we awoke to learn our muse and experiential mentor, Anthony Bourdain , had died. Alas, the Steinhaus (or Stein Haus, depending on your branding preference) was not meant to last much longer either. Less than a year after our unforgettable visit -- the only night we've ever stayed at one bar -- it was shuttered . Nate and I were each able to visit once more in 2019 and we'll always be grateful for the Steinhaus for being there for us when we needed it most. This pod was recorded in two sessions that featured drastic