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Episode 8: The Glory of Chips on a Clip | Lariat Lounge and Rumpus Room (Sept. 22, 2018)

When our  history bar playoff bracket was set for episode 8, the Lariat Lounge caught our eye right away. If victorious it would be, by far, the furthest into DEEEP SE PDX we were going to go in pursuit of our "required drinking" ( History by the Glass if you haven't quite picked up on that yet) bars. And, of course, a few idiotic minutes later, the Lariat had indeed triumphed and our die was cast. We were headed to SE 174th and Division -- a drinking location so far from our usual westside haunts that only Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong could relate to the epic adventure that lay before us. Lariat Lounge | DEEP SE Portland | Centennial  Established: Unsubstantiated. (Half-ass internet research indicated anytime between 1946 and '83.) First Drinks: Coors Banquet (Fredo)...Busch Tall-Boy (Nate) Interesting Food: Fried Chicken and Chips on a Clip Heartily recommended by the bartender and cooked by a guy who looked like he stepped right out of the dressi