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Episode 7: When Old Bars Get Cool | The Lighthouse and Skyline Tavern (Sept. 7, 2018)

Episode 7 took us to two places that were venerable, but mostly middling taverns when Paul Pintarich wrote about them in the mid '90s and early aughts. They each had unique locations and were owned by elderly folks with various German ties, but otherwise had no real expectation for any significant future success at the time our man Pintarich visited for his History by the Glass books.  Flash ahead 20ish years and The Lighthouse is the runner-up for Willamette Week's 2018 Bar of the Year while Skyline Tavern took home Bar of the Year honors in 2016 .  Nate and I slipped out of the office early and headed north on a warm, sunny Friday afternoon in early September for what was our final HBTG episode as co-workers. Now that I've begun my new gig (as of Sept. 17), we'll have to find a way to drink and ponder the mysteries of historic bars as actual buddies. I like our chances.  The Lighthouse | (DEEP) NW Portland | Linnton Established: 1950 (as a bar/r