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Episode 9: Oh GREAT, Now They Have a Podcast. | Caro Amico and Buffalo Gap (Nov. 25, 2018)

For many of you, it was just the Sunday after Thanksgiving. But for your intrepid History by the Glass duo, Nov. 25, 2018 is the night that changed everything. It was the dawn of the pod -- the first audio recording to capture the inane blather (and slivers of brilliance) that defines the two men behind this nebulous boozy creative project. Yes, it’s an hour of your life that you’ll never get back. And YES it often goes careening wildly around corners of conversation (alcohol is a helluva drug). But if you make it to the end (and you gotta want it), our hope is that you’ll actually find yourself being okay with that lost time. And just maybe you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next one. Either way, we'll keep stumbling onward in this noble journey into Portland's elbow-bending past. Our ninth episode took us to Southwest Portland for our 17th and 18th historic bar visits, Caro Amico and Buffalo Gap , which were both featured in the first edition of History by th