Episode 18a: COVID-19 and Renner's Grill (Feb. 21, 2020)

Making the best of this brave new world, Nate & Alfredo up to old tricks behind their soul-sucking laptop cameras. 

On Feb. 21, 2020, we made a triumphant return to newly-reopened Renner’s Grill (56:35), 22 months after a devastating kitchen fire closed the longtime anchor of SW Portland’s Multnomah Village bar scene. This comeback story was to be paired with a forthcoming visit to the enigmatic Stanich’s in what we were calling our “Lazarus” or “Flatliners” episode -- two old bars pronounced dead that somehow returned to tell the tale. Now, every drinking establishment in the metro area will face the same improbable challenge.

On March 16, COVID-19 social distancing efforts forced every bar, tavern, saloon, pub, and lounge in the state to put its stools on the counter and send its staff into the virtual unemployment line. Even as our local health news slowly improves, they all face an uncertain future.

We discussed it all over several rounds in our Steinhaus/Buddy’s Lounge glassware, in front of our ubiquitous, soul-sucking Zoom cameras in this very special, history in the making episode of HBTG...dedicated to every single person who has brought us joy one glass at a time in bars throughout Portland and beyond. We can’t wait to see you again soon...

...and every bar in the metro area that's facing what's likely the greatest challenge in their history. Until next time.


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