Episode 14: Back to School! | Mock Crest Tavern & The Twilight Room (Sept. 24, 2019)

Bolted in at the bar at Twilight Room

On the night of Sept. 24, 2019 -- they don’t call us the most prolific podcast in America for nothing! -- we channeled our inner Thornton Melon and went Back to School, cruising by the University of Portland to pick up friend and alum Shauna Weaver en route to two of the most legendary bars on the Bluff.

We made our debuts at the Mock(s) Crest Tavern (13:05) where we discussed the bar’s homegrown branding, stubby stools, vintage glassware, and mayonnaise forward menu. Then, it was off to every Pilot’s paradise, The Twilight Room (45:22), where we perched on slightly stubbier stools, staged a Hamm’s walkout, and soaked in the obnoxious silence of trivia night.

It’s the old bar podcast version of a Triple Lindy -- it’s the latest episode of History by the Glass!

The neon glory of the Mock Crest Tavern exterior sign -- Nate's preferred logo for the bar.


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